I am a Somatic Sex Educator and Healing Arts Practioner devoted to helping people feel more fulfilled by developing a deeper relationship with their body and senses.

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so·​mat·​ic |  \ sō-ˈma-tik 

Somatic comes from the Greek word soma or the ensouled body. The living body-mind including the overlooked aspect of what one might call the Soul.  I define Soul as that unique, individuated expression of you that is not just a collection of your experiences but an unnamable, individual essence of you-ness.


You do not need to believe in God, any religion, or be spiritual to recognize this. It simply is. I also think that when we develop an intimate relationship with this part of ourselves, our lives become fuller and richer.


I am in the business of introducing people to these aspects of the inner realms—the nontangible felt experience of interoception or your senses from the inside.

Most of us turn these senses off, or at least down. We focus on the great five senses to gather information and react or respond to what's needed.  What's often forgotten is that we also have a host of inner senses that connect us to an intricate web of subtle information being conveyed in every moment.


We have input from our nervous system, the felt experience of emotions, and our gut instincts, that mysterious way of just knowing something. These are a few examples of what I call Body Wisdom. When we are disconnected from our Body Wisdom, it's hard to feel a sense of inner Knowing or belonging. Decisions are made from the mind and not a full spectrum of knowing which affects our ability to feel sure of ourselves. 

I help people reconnect with these inner senses by the practice of listening, developing a subtle awareness of presence, and cultivating curiosity. It is incredible what we can learn when we become students of our body-mind.