If you're curious about what it would feel like to know yourself fully, be able to talk about sex, and create the relationships you want, you've come to the right place.


Sex begins with YOUR body.



How you feel about it, how comfortable you are moving it, how much you can open to the sensation of pleasure and how much you can trust yourself.


Our sex and our arousal have everything to do with how confident we are feeling, how receptive and relaxed we are, how valuable we perceive ourselves to be, and most importantly, our opinions of all of these things.


In our culture, there is a ridiculous amount of information about how to be more desirable, but where is the conversation about our own desire?


I help people get comfortable with feeling themselves so that they can decipher what it is they actually want. This sounds pretty straightforward, but for most of us, it’s not.


We get a lot of misleading and confusing information about what we should and shouldn’t want which dilutes our ability to feel our authentic desire. 


I help people get clear and learn how to claim, own, and talk about their own desire.


Knowing yourself and giving yourself permission for what you want is so much bigger than just your sex life.  It spills over into all of your relationships, your self-confidence, your deservingness, and how much permission you give yourself to create the life you desire.

“Anara has a gift for identifying the stories we tell about ourselves and our relationships, and she has the grace to help us see through those stories to a truth from which we can heal. She helped me re-access a deep well of joy I had started to deny myself. She effuses a nurturing and empathetic energy, boundless positivity, and a sense of curiosity that is as contagious as it is fun.” — Jon Burroughs

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