I am a woman who is devoted to wholeness. 


I define wholeness as having enough presence and capacity to access all of our senses. This may sound easy, but most of us have a hard time with this. This presence of awareness invites a sense of belonging, a recognition that you hold a precious place in this world that would not be the same without you.

I am also a woman who is devoted to personal evolution.


My drive toward self-healing started young. My early childhood experiences were not easy. Divorce and abuse shaped some of my earliest memories. This was the backdrop to my first sexual experience that happened far too early. It was traumatic, nonconsensual, and isolating. I held it in and told no one. This led to a long list of painful experiences that shaped my sense of self. Disordered eating, self-loathing, and shame were regular companions. I chose unsafe relationships with angry men and had a short stint with drug addiction, all before 23.

Pain is a powerful motivator, and I started meditating in my mid 20's to help find some sense of balance. This helped, but the echoes of grief and shame plagued me. I felt woefully broken and riddled with despair and did everything in my power to hide it.


I came to Kundalini Yoga at 27 when I was pregnant with my first child.  This was a life-changer. Kundalini Yoga's technology introduced me to the body's systems and illuminated a pathway for me to go deep into these systems and transform my inner experiences.

 I have practiced inner alchemy for many years and have studied many modalities that have shaped my unique approach to whole-body awareness and transformation.

Over the last several years, I have woven synthesis of awareness practices, communication tools, and body connection borrowed from the many traditions I’ve studied. These tools have served me well, and it brings me great joy to share these findings with others.

I am not interested in being another person “teaching” you what to do, say or think.

I am exclusively interested in helping you discover what works for YOU.

I do not offer a one size fit’s all system or plan, but a process of inquiry that helps you to turn your attention inward, notice what’s going on, and hear with unbiased ears so you can uncover the wisdom of your own truth.

You feel YOU is the point of what I do. From here, you can develop an awareness to keep your body and being in wholeness and harmony.


• DARe Attachment & Trauma Mastery Program with Dr. Diane Poole Heller 2021

• The Embodied Presence Process (TEPP) Training 2021


• Founder and co-director of New School Sex Ed  2016-2021

• Founding member of the Institute for Erotic Intelligence  2017-2020

• Founding member of The Verdant Collective  2017-2020

•  Neurosculpting with Lisa Wimberger warrior I & II 2018

•  Betty Martin: Like A Pro 2017

•  Women’s Temple Collective with Rensselear Resch and

 Christiane Pelmas 2016

•  Way of Mastery Teacher Training I & II 2016-2018

•  Somatic Sexological Bodyworker certification 2016

•  Joyshop Training with John Mark Stroud  2015

•  Palpable Forgiveness with Jayem Hammer 2014

•  Sacred Body Awakening with Anaya Sophia 2014

•  Tantra I & II  Certification at the Agama School of Yoga  2013-2014

•  Channeled study course with Sananda in Shamanic Transformation

via Rick Lewis  2007-2012

•  Thai Yoga Massage certification with Saul David Rey  2010

•Kundalini Yoga Teacher 2004 and practicing since 1999

•  Reiki I & II attunements 2004 



"Victoria has a sense of receptivity that allows her to see and receive large vistas of information directly through her heart and because of this her response to life and those around her has the essence of compassion and openness. I appreciate her ability to grasp detail, understand systems, and integrate different threads of information into a tapestry of knowing. Her groundedness and generosity of spirit naturally put others at ease, and she carries an inner warrior that always does the right thing"     


  -Chitra Gaiuque

“Victoria has a gift for identifying the stories we tell about ourselves and our relationships, and she has the grace to help us see through those stories to a truth from which we can heal. She helped me re-access a deep well of joy I had started to deny myself. She effuses nurturing and empathetic energy, boundless positivity, and a sense of curiosity that is as contagious as it is fun.” 

Jon Burroughs

"Victoria has helped me to navigate several pathways to increase my knowledge about the spiritual and sensual aspects of my sexuality, even at age 66. She has helped me to improve the levels of intimacy I share with my loving girlfriend and I am forever grateful. Anara is an amazing guide and her masterful abilities as a teacher cannot be overstated."

Hank W


"Within just a few months of working with Victoria, I started seeing a  change in my relationship dynamics that I never thought possible. Not only in romantic relationships, but I’ve also become a far more effective communicator in all of my interactions. 


Anara has taught me to tune into my body, to find my “Yes,” as a way of determining what is my authentic desire in comparison to what I think I “should” do to meet others’ expectations."

Clark Wyche