My name is Anara, and I help people rewrite their stories about shame, understand how to connect with their bodies and claim their personal power by working with their sexuality.

If you think shame is holding you back, you're in the right place!

I started on this journey many years ago as a soon to be mother knowing I had a ton of unhealed trauma and needed to make a change. I devoted myself to deep personal journey work in order to heal generations of shame for my daughter, for my family and to be the best mother I could be.

• If you feel inhibited or embarrassed about your body but long to feel free.


• If you secretly feel inadequate even though you have a million reasons not to.


• If your longing to have deeper connections but don't know how.

• If you know that you are meant for more than this, you just don't know how to get there

I am intimate with all of these feelings and know precisely how to work with them. 


If hearing about trauma is uncomfortable for you, you may want to skip this section.



My first sexual experience was not consensual; I was a curious child that was totally drawn to all things forbidden. At twelve years old, my friends and I snuck into a high school party even though we were way too young, and drank all the beers that they gave us. It was here that I had my first taste of alcohol, it was also here that I had my first experience of date rape. 


A boy I knew and even considered a friend, left me slumped at my mother’s front door after having nonconsensual sex with me. I was a half-dressed puddle of inebriation, unable to walk, vomiting, crying and deeply humiliated. I woke the next morning with my first hangover and a desperate desire to believe it was all a dream. It wasn’t, and I remember telling myself very firmly “get ahold of yourself, you will never think of this again, you will NOT be one of those traumatized women who have a fucked up sex life all her life.” I never told my friends or parents and didn’t begin to really address it for many years.


Hebb’s law, neuroscience, that which fires together wires together; This means every time I drank and had sexual feelings I was filled with humiliation and shame. I had three more experiences of non-consensual sex before I was 23, which brought a whole lot of repressed shame, confusion and self-loathing.


I did everything I could to hide my secret feelings of disgust for myself. I turned on my body with eating disorders and body dysmorphia; I chose violent relationships with untrustworthy men, I got into drugs and became chemically dependent, all within the backdrop of the tropical island paradise of Maui. I had loving parents and supportive family that had no idea of what to do with me. I didn’t share my internal experiences, so I just looked like a potential-filled young girl that made profoundly stupid choices.


Fast forward to the 27-year-old me bringing a child into the world, that was in 1999. I knew beyond doubt that I had to make a change to be a better woman for my daughter. This next part of the story has many chapters which include many years of trying on every modality I could find to release my pain and learn how to love myself. I discovered Kundalini yoga, shamanic healing and Hindu based Tantra to be the most helpful modalities.


 Over the last several years I have woven together a synthesis of inquiry practices, communication tools, and body connection borrowed from the many traditions I’ve studied. These tools have served me well.


I am not interested in being another person “teaching” you what to do, say or think. I am exclusively interested in helping you discover what works for you. I do not offer a one size fit’s all system or plan, but a process of inquiry that helps you to turn your attention inward, notice what’s going on, and hear with unbiased ears so you can uncover the wisdom of your own truth.


I am passionate about self-love, embodied freedom, and self-expression. This becomes possible when we stop judging ourselves and start seeing the radiant and unique beauty alive in each of us.

Anara has a sense of receptivity that allows her to see and receive large vistas of information directly through her heart and because of this her response to life and those around her has the essence of compassion and openness. I appreciate her ability to grasp detail, understand systems, and integrate different threads of information into a tapestry of knowing. Her groundedness and generosity of spirit naturally put others at ease, and she carries an inner warrior that always does the right thing.

-Chitra Gaiuque


•  Kundalini Yoga Teacher  2004 and practicing since 1999


•  Reiki I & II attunements 2004 


•  Channeled study course with Sananda and Christ Council 

via Rick Lewis  2007-2012


•  Thai Yoga Massage certification with Saul David Rey  2010


•  Tantra 1 & 2  certification at the Agama School of Yoga 2013


•  Sacred Body Awakening with Anaya Sophia 2014


•  Palpable Forgiveness with Jayem Hammer 2014


•  Joyshop Training with John Mark Stroud  2015


•  Women’s Temple Collective with Rensselear Resch and 

Christiane Pelmas 2016


•  Somatic Sexological Bodyworker certification 2016


•  Way of Mastery Teacher Training 2016


•  Betty Martin: Like A Pro 2017


•  Neurosculpting with Lisa Wimberger warrior I & II 2018