What is consent?


Consent is an agreement between two people. An agreement that can change at any time, and requires both parties to be operating from clarity, without coercion, manipulation or from an altered state.


When we're talking about sexual consent, things can feel a little blurry, and less obvious at the moment, especially if we are not sure about what we want or if we're uncertain about how the other person will respond if we tell the truth. Here is a video to help illustrate how easy it can be.

This model works if everyone involved is adept at first feeling precisely what they want, trusts their feelings, are comfortable communicating those feelings regardless of the repercussions and can give feedback on what they like and don't like. There are power differentials to consider, fear of loss, desire to be desired and so much more. Sex is deeply tied to our feelings of self-worth and belonging. Intimacy and sexual exchange are complex but for the most part theses, underlying aspects go unspoken and ignored.


I offer classes to individuals and groups to help break down the process of communicating enthusiastic consent.


In a consent course, you will learn how to: 


• Connect to your body and discern exactly what it wants in any given moment.


• Learn how to trust your body's cues


• Develop more presence with pleasure


• Learn about what to do when part of you wants one thing and another part want's something different.


• Learn how to communicate your desires.


• Practice communicating what you notice with confidence.


• Get comfortable with saying and hearing no.


• Learn how to discern if you are being manipulated, and how to handle it.


• Learn how to communicate exactly what you want.




Classes can be taught one on one, with couples or in groups. Please reach out if you would like to create your own group class. This class can be adjusted for any age from children to adults. Obviously, the content changes, but the concepts remain the same.