Our world seems to move faster every day. 


Work responsibilities, personal expectations, and or plain 'ol living can be enough to sap your vitality.


Then add children or friends or partners, screen fatigue (more impactful then we think), and that ever-present inner critic, you know the one keeping the tally in your mind that reminds you of everything you have ever done wrong that conveniently rears its judgmental little head at the most inopportune times like when you're trying to fall asleep or before a big meeting. 


Just managing the things we have to do is enough, then trying to add some self-care, working on our relationships, and trying to be a better person can tip the scales towards overwhelm.


Well, if any of this sounds familiar, you're

In good company. So what next?


I’ve put this program together for busy people who are ready to make small changes that have a significant impact. Doing these things alone is not going to transform your life, but it’s a start. Presence, practice, and consistency are all it takes to see real changes in your world, here’s what you’ll need to start.

  • • • • IN PREPARATION • • • •
  • A room you can be alone in

  • Blankets or clothes for your comfort

  • A phone or timer

  • A piece of paper & pen to make a list (you can also use your phone)

  • A beverage of your choice

  • A comfortable place to sit or lay down

  • Curiosity and willingness



Create some space.    

Seven steps to creating an intentional container for your transformation.


Shake it. 

In this three minute exercise, you will be vigorously shaking your body with all of your might. This get’s the blood pumping, your lymph moving, and stimulates your senses.


Pause, feel and notice

We tend to only pay attention to our bodies when something feels off. In this practice, you will get curious about all the sensations in your body in order to explore contrast.


Breath, sounds, and spine.

Connecting with the architecture of your body, relaxing into an organic movement with the breath, and feeling the sensation of an activating hum.


Gratitude practice.

Breathing and feeling appreciation for your precious body.




* Read this through at least once before you start. Recording the directions in your own voice can be the perfect way to experience this practice. Most phones have a voice memo function to make this easy.





1.  Get your phone, silence it, or put it in airplane mode. You’ll be using this as a timer, be sure your ringtone is set to a sound you love, no need to jar your senses. This time and space are dedicated to you, no need for distractions.




2.  Get yourself a glass of water, maybe a layer or a blanket if its cold, or fan if it’s hot. Get anything you need to ensure your body will be comfortable. Begin thinking about your own needs, what could make you feel even more comfortable and tended to? Gather anything that comes to mind. A precious object, some essential oils or a favorite stone.



3.  Prepare your nest, this could be a comfortable seat or place on the floor. Perhaps it’s on a yoga mat, sheepskin, or stack of blankets, you may want to lay down at some point or you may not.



4.  Close the door, or imagine you are in a contained space. Setting the tone for your intentional space is a beautiful first step. This container is yours, feel your body in he room, drink in the details around you. Take a mental snapshot of the colors and placement of items in the room, notice your opinions. It is not uncommon for your perceptions can change after this practice. Now visualize a bubble of safety around you. Adjust your environment if you need to, make it feel exactly how you want it to. This is YOUR time and YOUR space.



5.  Make a list either on your phone, maybe a voice memo or on a piece of paper. This is a list of everything you need to remember to do later so that you can get it out of your head and still trust it’ll get done. Your goal is to arrive fully at THIS moment, thinking about the future impedes this process.


6.  Invite a sense of connection. Feel how you are a part of everything, an aspect of the grand web of our planet’s ecosystem. A necessary component for the world to be complete, this may feel true for you or not, but let's imagine it's true. What could that feel like?



7.  Imagine a bubble surrounding you that have you feeling contained and held, or if you prefer,  drop a grounding cord by visualizing a big root growing out of your tailbone or perhaps your feet. This plants you deep into the center of the earth, feeling secure, connected and safe. This is, of course, optional.Play with any visualization that feels good for you, and of course, you can change it at any time.


Begin to notice how wonderful it is to prioritize yourself. If you're like most of us, it’s probably kind of novel. Feel gratitude for this moment, for this opportunity, and for yourself. Feel gratitude for this beautiful space you have created, and relish in the feeling of appreciation.  


3 minutes minimum

Okay, this may feel a little weird to read and follow, but just try it, shaking can transform your whole mood and brain chemistry. This is where you can grab your phone or voice recorder and record your own voice giving you these cues, click here to get the script. Shake for AT LEAST three minutes, check in with your body and be as vigorous as your body can handle. LISTEN TO YOURSELF, don't push it, and you have permission to play with your edges. Just don't hurt yourself



Take a moment to pause, standing or sitting, and take a mental snapshot of what you feel. Notice your body temperature, your breath, feel your belly, your pelvic floor. Do you feel anything tight, or really awesome?


Set your timer for three minutes aaannnnd SHAKE!


Shake like your life depended on it, shake like you’ve never shaken before!




Shudder your whole body! VIBRATE YOURSELF! BOUNCE!!!


Imagine your whole body is covered in hair, like a dog, and you just out of the water and you need to shake to get the water off!!!




Shake longer than you want to, shake with all your might, every single part until the timer goes off, and maybe a little longer.



AaaaAAAAaaaaaaahhhhHHhhhhhhhhhhh……very nice, now sit comfortably.


 Sit still until your breath begins to slow down and just notice.


What does your body feel like? What’s happening with your heart rate? What is your opinion of all of this? Do you feel any emotions? How does stillness feel? If you would like to find a spiral in your body or to move in any way, please do.


Take a mental snapshot of this moment, and when you are ready, get even more comfortable. Bring your awareness to your spine, just notice it from wherever you are. Find some small movements until you find a sweet spot, and begin to focus on your breath.





9 minutes minimum



Place your hands on your lower abdomen somewhere between your belly button and pelvic bone. Feel the rising and falling of your breath, notice how your body is breathing you into existence. Take five full inhales and exhales.


Feel the sensation of your breath breathing you.


Placing your hands where ever they want to be, relax and let your breath get very full and deep. Breathe your next breath into the back of your body and feel your ribcage expand.


Feel the architecture of your spine, feel it’s natural curvature and notice how each vertebrae stacks upon the next. Invite a feeling of perfect alignment, and without any effort let your body naturally move and subtly adjust with each breath.


Roll your closed eyes up towards the point between your eyebrows and feel a subtle stretch of your optic nerve as you invite your tongue to relax.


Soften everything...

When you feel ready, inhale into the back of your body and as you exhale hum. MMMMmmmmmmmmmm or NNNNNNNNnnnnnnnnn. Be guided by your own senses, and try on each sound for at least a few breaths. 


Try a higher pitch then a lower pitch and when you find the one that feels just right, go with it. Try a whisper hum then a loud one and feel the diffrences. Surrender into the sound that is right in this moment. Every practice may be different.


Notice any sensations throughout your head and inner ear. Listen to your senses, if it is uncomfortable pause, if it feels good, do more. Be guided by this moment and your body’s knowing.


Add any sounds you feel called to make, we are told from an early age to not make sounds, it can feel kind of radical to go against that training.


Soften any feeling of resistance as you allow your body to relax and sway bringing all of your attention to the organic movement of your body and any sensations in  your head. 


Sound and sway for as long as you have time for.




Either prerecord or read out loud

Coming into a place of stillness and notice all the sensations happening in your body. Let yourself get very comfortable. Come to the floor and lay down if you like, or try on a few positions until you find the one that feels right. Be still and merely feel.


Feel the weight of your body and feel all of the parts touching what’s beneath you.


Notice how comfortable you feel, and how your environment supports your comfort.


Feel the scaffolding of your body, your bones providing structure and sturdiness. 


Without your bones, you would quite literally be a puddle. 


Give thanks to your bones, and all the beautiful things your bones do for you. 


Say out loud thank you strong and healthy bones for giving me form; I appreciate all the work you do. I am grateful that you are always working towards our health. I love you.


Now feel your muscles and the tissue that supports your mobility. Regardless of how big or small they are, they do their job and support movement and capacity. 


Say thank you my beautiful muscles for giving me shape and mobility; I appreciate all the work you do, thank you for getting me where I need to go. Thank you for your resilience, thank you for being with me regardless of what I say or think about you. I love you and appreciate you. Thank you for always working towards more health.


Now feel your adipose tissue, the fat in your body. Come to a place of gratitude and neutrality. Can we feel sincere gratitude for our stored energy?


Thank you adipose tissue for insulating all of my organs and storing all of my energy, without you, I couldn't be alive. Thank you for always looking out for me regardless of whether I think I have too much or too little of you. I love you, thank you for supporting me.


Feel the fluid in your body and your organs. List as many as you can and say thank you. 


Thank you beautify systems, thank you for your devotion to our well being, and thank you for loving me into existence. I appreciate all that you do for me. I love that you always work towards more health and I love that I can trust you to be there for me.


I know that I don’t thank you as much as I could, and I am here, thanking you now. 


Feel any other system or aspect of your body and fill your heart with gratitude.


Let this gratitude circulate throughout your system. Give this feeling of appreciation a color and let that color permeate every aspect of your body.


Dance, undulate or be still as you circulate a feeling of deep gratitude. 


Feel a sense of wonder for this majestic vessel that is always with you.

Take all the time you need or have time for to integrate all that you have experienced. Every part of this practice can be done on its own, especially the meditation you may have recorded in your own voice. Hearing affirmations in your voice helps them to land. Enjoy this journey, and I would love to hear what this was like for you!