We spend a little time checking in about what is going on for you. Once I have an understanding of what we're working with, you lay on the table fully dressed and I begin listening to your body.


Unintegrated emotional charges often reveal themselves alongside any intense experiences that left an impact on the system. Information about cellular and electrical health often makes itself known: repression or painful feelings or memories avoided.


Our body-minds are constantly in flux, attempting to make sense of the world around us. Our physical structures are in response to what is happening mentally, emotionally, and energetically.  Our internal experiences shape our health and well-being even when we are not noticing it.


Our brilliant bodies adapt to these blockages or congested areas. Still, when these imbalances are not recognized in time, they often create unexplained pain or even dis-ease in the body.


I use a practice of deep listening, Acupressure, Reiki, Thai Massage, and Tuning Forks to help bring the body back into balance. Receiving this work can feel anywhere from profoundly relaxing or somewhat tender.


Sometimes this work is interactive where we are in real-time communication about what's happening in your system. It is common for thoughts, feelings, or memories to arise sometimes with emotion, sometimes not. There are also times where a session can feel dreamy or relaxing, and your only job is to soften and observe.

I utilize my awareness of what your system is broadcasting in all of my work; it helps me track your progress. That being said, it is common for people to come in for specialized sessions. Taking an entire session to support balance in the body functions can be helpful for optimal health.

My goal as a practitioner is to provide you with comprehensive support with all aspects of your being. As a Somatic Sex Educator and Intuitive Healing Arts Practitioner, I synthesize a practice of supporting you with your unique journey towards wholeness by introducing you to all of your parts.