We spend a little time checking in about what is going on for you. Once I have an understanding of what we're working on, I’ll pinpoint a phrase for our intention that we we’ll use throughout our work together.  Something like a a north star. There will always be space to ask questions to learn more about what I’m doing, especially since I’ll be teaching you how to do clearing work for yourself. 


For in person sessions, you will lay down on my table, fully clothed, and for remote sessions, you will lay down in the comfort of your own home. Many people find it curious that energy work can be done remotely, but it can, quite effectively.


I use clairvoyant screens and energy clearing tools as taught by the Energy Healing Institute to remove old patterns, beliefs and limitations that your system is ready to release. I cannot clear anything your system is not ready to clear. 


Sessions can include clearing work or education on how to work with your unique system. We will go over practices and visualizations that create lasting and tangible shifts in the way you experience your inner world.

This work is not talk therapy. It is a targeted approach that clears old patterns that are ready to be cleared. The clearing work I offer works synergistically with the practices you cultivate at home. 

People who are ready to devote time, awareness and presence to these practices get the most benefit. You will know that you're ready for this work when you not only have the impulse, but time and space to put a serious amount of attention towards your personal growth.