I began studying sexuality and tantra around the time I was introduced to Kundalini yoga, back in 1999. I have always been interested in the correlations between sex, spirituality, and health, but mostly kept my findings to myself. In 2004, I began gathering small groups of women after my yoga classes...

They would share their stories of sexless marriages, waning desire for sex and scathing self-judgment. All things I was intimate with. 


Before long I was being invited to book clubs and goddess gatherings to share what I knew. I used yogic principles to help women connect with receptivity and self-love.


Several years later I joined the Women's Temple Collective where I connected with other curious women to learn about just how impactful sexual expression is in every aspect of our lives.


I discovered there is a direct correlation between how we experience our bodies and how much pleasure we are willing to receive, how worthy we feel, and our capacity to express ourselves.


In other words, feeling gratitude for your body, no matter what it looks like, supports freedom of expression, personal power, and better sex.


Simple, right?


Well... I found that as people, we all have narratives that limit our ability to change. This "limitation" inspired me to learn as many ways I could about how to support transformation in myself and others.


Through the years I've received training in space holding, deep listening, and body-based guidance. I got certified in Radical Inquiry and Somatic Sexological Education, and Consent Facilitation to name a few. Feel free to check out my website to get more details.


Many of these courses I took even before I knew I was going to be a sex educator. Because of my experiences and studies, I've been able to create a compassionate and elastic approach to supporting people with understanding their bodies. 


I have now been practicing professionally for a couple of years and feel devoted to bringing this work into the world. Work that I think you would enjoy. I have an office in Lower Highlands in Denver where I work individually with people and couples; I support both men and women, offer group classes, more of which will be on the schedule soon, and I speak to groups about the value of consent, self-awareness and



I would love to see you at one of my classes. Until then, best of wishes to you.