Coming into a place of stillness and notice all the sensations happening in your body. Let yourself get very comfortable. Come to the floor and lay down if you like, or try on a few positions until you find the one that feels right. Be still and simply feel.


Feel the weight of your body and feel all of the parts touching what’s beneath you.


Notice how comfortable you feel, and how your environment supports your comfort.


Feel the scaffolding of your body, your bones providing structure and sturdiness. 


Without your bones you would literally be a puddle. 


Give thanks to your bones, and all the wonderful things your bones do for you. 


Say out loud thank you strong and healthy bones for giving me form, I appreciate all the work you do. I appreciate how you are always working towards our health. I love you.


Now feel your muscles and the tissue that supports your mobility. Regardless of how big or small they are, they do their job and support movement and capacity. 


Say thank you my beautiful muscles for giving me shape and mobility, I appreciate all the work you do, thank you for getting me where I need to go. Thank you for your resilience, thank you for being with me regardless of what I say or think about you. I love you and appreciate you. Thank you for always working towards more health.


Now feel your adipose tissue, the fat in your body. Come to a place of gratitude and neutrality. We have so many stories about fat, can you come to a place of neutrality around it?


Thank you adipose tissue for insulating all of my organs and storing all of my energy, without you, I couldn't be alive. Thank you for always lookin out for me regardless of whether I think I have too much or to little of you. I love you, thank you for supporting me.


Feel the fluid in your body and your organs. List as many as you can and say thank you. 


Thank you beautify systems, thank you for your devotion to our well being, and thank you for loving me into existence. I appreciate all that you do for me. I love that you always work towards more health and I love that I can trust you to be there for me.


I know that I don’t thank you as much as I could, and I me here, thanking you now. 


Feel any other system or aspect of your body and fill your heart with gratitude.


Let this gratitude circulate throughout your system. Give this feeling of gratitude a color and let that color permeate every aspect of your body.


Dance, undulate, or be still as you circulate a feeling of deep gratitude. 


Feel a sense of wonder for this majestic vessel that is always with you.