It's a comprehensive approach to teaching people about all of the body's systems as it relates to intimacy, arousal, consent, communication, sex, and pleasure.


It recognizes the complex relationship between touch, presence, and connection while creating space to move slowly and decipher the information our bodies are sharing with us.

This approach creates a framework that demystifies the contrasts between confusing social messages around sex and your own body's pace and desire. We explore healthy communication, self-awareness, and trusting your own body.

People come to me for so many reasons. Most of my clients are referrals from therapists and medical professionals who have tried everything but can't figure out what's 'wrong.'

It turns out that the only ‘wrong’ part is our assumptions about how our bodies are supposed to behave. When we take the time to listen and compassionately decipher the wisdom that the body is sharing with us, we can move into harmony with all of our systems.

We always start with where you are now. This is important.


These bodies have been inundated with messages and experiences that shape how we feel about ourselves, impacting how they function.


Many of us never got guidance or support with all the sensations and ideas that flood young bodies and minds. We create erroneous ideas informed by our confusing cultures and communities and make due until one day we wake up wondering why we don't feel fulfilled.


When we slowly uncover the elements that shape how we are today, we invite choice. When we recognize where we are, we can design where we are going.

People come to me because they want to have a better sex life, but they leave with more clarity about who they are and what they authentically want. This paves the way for designing a life and creating relationships that fit. When we orient from the wisdom of our bodies alongside our other skills, we can experience a sense of wholeness. This kind of wholeness is how we create fulfillment, freedom to express our authentic selves and embody personal agency.