Navigating the various pathways available to increase my knowledge about the spiritual and sensual aspects of my sexuality, even at age 66, and how to improve the levels of intimacy I share with my loving girlfriend, remain high priorities. I’m forever grateful that this important journey has been profoundly enhanced over recent months by the wisdom and energy Anara has shared with me. Her openness and elevated frequency, her self-awareness and insights, and her ability to listen and teach have helped me to communicate more honestly and openly with myself….and as a result…with my partner. Anara is an amazing guide and her masterful abilities as a teacher cannot be overstated.


"She helped me overcome a self imposed boundary I had in not communicating what I want from a partner. In the past, I would not communicate verbally what, where and how I wanted to be touched.   I feel much more confident now in my ability to communicate my needs to a partner."

        44 yr old male

Anara led me on a guided meditation that was one of the best I've ever experienced because the time she spent on each area of the body and clues she gave for connecting with it.  I achieved a sense of floating that I never before felt.                                                            Female 33

"I have never felt so taken care of. In between each touch, Anara paused so that I could decide what I wanted. At first this was hard, but then I discovered how much I liked it!"

                                                         Female 34




"When the table work was over, Anara checked in with me on how I felt
about it.  It was a brand new experience for me and I learned so much
about my body and self that I didn't know or was unaware of previously. "                               Male 47

After our second child, My husband and I just stopped having sex. At first, it was because it was painful, and then we were just so tired. Before we knew it, months would pass, and then it just got awkward. Anara has helped us talk about things we would normally just sweep under the rug. We still have a long way to go, but now we have tools and can work on it in our own time. We look forward to our next sessions.

"I have worked with other therapists, but no one else took the time I needed to really feel safe."                                                         31-year-old newly orgasmic female

I met with Anara for the 5th session and in many respects it was the best one.  It really was the culmination of everything I have learned from Anara so far.  I was able to clearly communicate what I wanted and incorporate breathing and body relaxation techniques to accentuate a full body ecstasy.

Anara has taught me so much and I have grown immensely throughout this experience.  I now have a heightened sense of awareness on how my actions (or inactions) effect both my pleasure and my partner's because up to util now, I have pretty much gone through life not communicating what I need from a partner.  This would feel left wanting more.  Because of Anara, I now have the tools to communicate exactly what I need for my body be pleasured. Not only for me, but I can take these tools and pass them on to my partners to help them achieve a deeper connection to their body's capabilities.

As recounted in all my feedback, Anara, is amazing at making me feel comfortable with the bodywork.  She always explained what was going to happing or going on.  She is such a good guide first setting the intention and then setting a path for the journey to unfold.  She always made it clear that my body to do whatever it wants to do naturally and there's no shame in whatever it chooses.

I can't thank Anara enough for allowing me to be a part of this endeavor. I will cherish it forever.   Thanks Anara!

I started working with Anara back in November of 2017. I had been struggling for years with my confidence in romantic relationships, so much so that I had actually convinced myself it would be easier to just become a monk.


Within just a few months of working with Anara, however, I started seeing a transformational change in my relationship dynamics that I never thought possible. And not just in romantic relationships; I’ve become a far more effective communicator in all of my interactions.


Anara has taught me to tune into my body, to find my “Yes,” as a way of determining what is my authentic desire in comparison to what I think I “should” do to meet others’ expectations.

As I’ve become more sincere in my social interactions, I’ve discovered it is much easier to meet new people and to have fulfilling encounters now that I’m not so lost in my head.


My heart has become the key to knowing what it is I truly want, and Anara has helped me learn to listen to and trust my inner guidance. She has been one of the most valuable people in my life as I walk down the path of healing. She has my sincerest gratitude, and I highly recommend working with her if you’re ready to see your relationship to yourself and the world transform.


- Clark Wyche