I started working with Anara back in November of 2017. I had been struggling for years with my confidence in romantic relationships, so much so that I had actually convinced myself it would be easier to just become a monk.


Within just a few months of working with Anara, however, I started seeing a transformational change in my relationship dynamics that I never thought possible. And not just in romantic relationships; I’ve become a far more effective communicator in all of my interactions.


Anara has taught me to tune into my body, to find my “Yes,” as a way of determining what is my authentic desire in comparison to what I think I “should” do to meet others’ expectations.

As I’ve become more sincere in my social interactions, I’ve discovered it is much easier to meet new people and to have fulfilling encounters now that I’m not so lost in my head.


My heart has become the key to knowing what it is I truly want, and Anara has helped me learn to listen to and trust my inner guidance. She has been one of the most valuable people in my life as I walk down the path of healing. She has my sincerest gratitude, and I highly recommend working with her if you’re ready to see your relationship to yourself and the world transform.


- Clark Wyche

A little support

When you're having a moment, it can be so helpful to just be heard and understood. Sometimes telling our story takes the charge off, and if it's interesting, to hear another perspective. Transformation is not just in the aha's, it's in the moments after and in our response to the world around us. Never underestimate the value of a compassionate ear and a fresh perspective.

A 20-30 minute scheduled phone call $40

Pay as you go session

This is a great option while we are getting to know each other or once you've completed a package. The most obvious results happen when you make declare your intention and devote yourself to working towards it. I typically work in four to twelve-week blocks of time, but this can be a great place to start.

$200 for 90 minute sessions virtually or in person.

Inspired to transform

You've identified you need help, you've recognized your challenges and your ready for a change.  Over the course of four or five consecutive weeks, we will clarify your desire, target your challenges, and transform your experience using time-honored traditions that are tailored just for you. When we create a clear container, it's easier to track your progress and remain focused. 

Package prices vary, feel free to schedule a complimentry discovery call to uncover what will best support you.

Devotion to success

This program for you if your committed and ready to remap and recreate your relationship with your body, vulnerability, communication, and sexuality. This system includes a customized daily practice created just for you, twelve consecutive weekly sessions, four twenty minute phone or video calls a month, and occasional text support. I will hold your hand and shine a light on hidden aspects that have been keeping you in a holding pattern. This program is for you if you're tired of good enough and ready for your version of ideal.

Package prices vary, feel free to schedule a complimentry discovery call to uncover what will best support you.

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Consent Training

Consent can seem pretty straightforward, and it's generally easy to tell the difference between a"hell yesss" and an "absolutely not", but what about when you feel both of those things at the same time? This is a two-hour intensive intended to jump-start your discernment, courage and communication skills.

Learning how to trust, feel and communicate your desires. Package prices vary, feel free to schedule a complimentry discovery call to uncover what will best support you.

Couples work

There is so much misinformation out there regarding sex and arousal. Who we are today is not necessarily the same person as who we were early in relationship or pre-baby. Our bodies and circumstances and opinions change as time goes on. I help people connect to whats alive for them today, and to explore their current desires. I can help you not just recognize differences but get comfortable talking about them. From here transformation is possible 


All couples packages are customized and designed after our first session, please allow up to two hours for our first gathering.

Package prices vary, feel free to schedule a complimentry discovery call to uncover what will best support you.

Small group classes

Let's create a personalized, interactive and exciting class where you can gather, learn and have some fun. Finally! A place where you can get accurate information about your body, pleasure, and creating fulfillment.


A typical class I teach is called the 'Female Anatomy Of Arousal.' This is the class we all should have gotten as teenagers! I bring out my anatomy puppets and answer all those questions you didn't even know you had...Do I have a G-spot? What is the A-spot? Can woman ejaculate?  


Anatomy classes are great for moms and daughters, goddess gatherings, bachelorette parties, or any occasion you can think of where it's appropriate to normalize talking about sex and our bodies. All classes can be customized to support your needs.

This is an awesome way to gather your friends, ask a bunch of questions and have some fun $200 for 90 minutes

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The people who get the most out of working with me are committed to transformation. The work we do is tender, and I am committed to supporting you with understanding what your needs are. I invite you to get honest with yourself and determine how dedicated you are to creating the life of your dreams. This is profound and life-changing work that requires your full commitment. I look forward to sharing it with you.